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The State of Goal Management

by Jenny Bowes | Jun 22, 2021


Many things have changed for businesses over the past year. One thing that hasn’t? Goals. We all have them and we all need to achieve them. But what will drive goal setting and achievement, especially as many people make their way back to the office?…

What are Agile OKRs?

by Gill Arnott | May 24, 2021


When used correctly, OKRs and the Agile manifesto are a powerful combination; enabling organisations to create value-driven teams, transforming how they work. However, problems can arise when: Organisations struggle to fit the OKR framework and Agile together Or organisations using Agile ignore adopting OKRs as…

How to make a business growth plan

by Roger Longden | Apr 01, 2021


Sustainable growth is something that every business is striving for, but creating a business growth strategy to achieve this is no mean feat. Grow too quickly and a business can quickly lose it’s focus, agility and alignment. Alternatively, if your business doesn’t grow fast enough…

The benefits of culture training in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Mar 29, 2021

alignment, Culture, OKRS, People, Values

Let’s start with a simple definition of workplace culture as being “the way we do things around here”. Whilst this is a simple definition, it encompasses the complexity of what culture is in terms of our individual and collective behaviours, thoughts, feelings, values, priorities and…

Which goal-setting software is right for your business?

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 05, 2021

software, Values

Before we dive into the types of OKR software available, of which there are many, let’s look at the reasons for using goal-setting software.  The benefits of using goal-setting software Generally, the software you choose should make the process of implementing and tracking OKRs more…

How does the OKR process work?

by Gill Arnott | Jan 11, 2021


OKRs are not a model to get right or wrong!  They are intrinsically a collection of principles and practices that can be interpreted and applied in many different ways. There is no one size fits all. So, it begs the question “How does the OKR…