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What does business alignment look like in real life?

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Feb 15, 2022

alignment, Culture, engagement, Values

Here at TBG, we understand how important transformational business alignment and strategic development can be. But, we also know how confusing and challenging it can be for businesses to tap into these strategies. De-mystifying business buzzwords and understanding how we can harness powerful strategies with…

What is strategic alignment?

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Feb 09, 2022


There are no magic wands or spells when it comes to creating or running a winning business. Despite this, leading business professionals have said that there may be a winning approach when it comes to developing a successful strategy. We are talking about strategic alignment,…

How to align your team using the OKR Framework

by Carly Clyne | Feb 01, 2022


If you’re unsure of how to align your team, or what team alignment looks like, this is the article for you. Team alignment is achieved when cross-functional teams and individual team members work towards the same vision, they understand their individual and their team goals,…

How to improve your strategic planning and see real results

by Carly Clyne | Jan 24, 2022


Taking the steps to improve strategic planning within your organisation will help you bring your business growth plans to life. If you’re familiar with the basics of strategic planning, you probably know how beneficial it can be for your business. Used by global giants including…

How to use strategic business planning software for growth

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Jan 17, 2022


Implementing the right strategic planning software within your business can have a huge positive impact on your business growth plan. As the saying goes: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. That’s why it’s so important to plan strategically and use the right…

What are the key benefits of the strategic planning process?

by Carly Clyne | Jan 10, 2022


We talk a lot about strategy here at TBG, with good reason. The benefits of strategic planning for organisations knows no bounds. Without a clear and well-structured strategy, your business cannot thrive. Strategic planning is one of the areas many businesses struggle with, but it…