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4 times OKRs rocked our client’s world – Part 1

by Lawrence Walsh | Oct 09, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management

We think OKRs are bloody awesome, so when we hear that our clients are feeling the love for OKRs too we know it’s going to be a good day! The Summer months have been fantastic and the There Be Giants team have been busy working…

Growth: Why Giants Appreciate an Exceptional Rose Bush When They See One

by Emma Stocks | Jun 18, 2019

Leadership, Motivation, OKRS, Performance Management, Productivity

Growing Tall Talking about growth with giants might seem like a bit of a moot point but here’s the thing – we only got to grow so tall because we spent so much time focusing on growth. Not just for ourselves, but for each and…

What are OKRs?

by Emma Stocks | May 20, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management, Process, Strategy, Values

OKR Meaning The meaning of OKRs is Objectives and Key Results. That’s it. You have your three word acronym. As a methodology, OKRs are an agile approach to motivating and managing performance in line with business strategy. Objectives and Key Results is a research-based methodology…

CBA with values? Clearly, you’re not bothered about high performance then

by Roger Longden | Jul 03, 2018

Leadership, Leadership-development, People, Performance Management

If you know anything about me or There be Giants, then (hopefully) you know us for being pretty straight-down-the-line, we don’t do flowery or fluffy. So, why am I taking the time to talk about values? They are the fluffiest of the fluffy right? Well,…

What makes high performing teams so productive?

by Roger Longden | Jun 25, 2018

Leadership, Leadership-development, People, Performance Management

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? What‘s the difference between an average team and one that consistently delivers over and above expectations?Obviously, to bring out the best in a business, you have to bring out the best in your people. All too often, however, there’s…

Using OKRs in performance management could ramp up employee motivation

by Roger Longden | Feb 02, 2018

OKRS, People, Performance Management

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs for short) are changing how companies define and communicate success. Why not have a read through our free beginners guide to OKRs to get more information on how you can align and grow your company. Performance management exists to improve…