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Who would have thought things could change so fast?

by Roger Longden | Mar 23, 2020

alignment, Leadership, mindset, OKRS, People, Productivity

COVID-19 eh?  Who would have thought things could change so fast? First off – it goes without saying that all of team TBG are keeping everything crossed in the hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, and continue to be. These are…

Santa, Sherry and Success – Cheers!

by Roger Longden | Dec 18, 2019

OKRS, People

Wow, what a year! A year of OKRs! I can’t quite believe I’m sat here in December writing a roundup of the year; it feels like 2 minutes since I was working on our plans for 2019. So has it all gone to plan? Well…

Building OKR alignment and engagement

by Roger Longden | Apr 14, 2019

alignment, engagement, People

Introducing our resident employee engagement experts – Rencai A word from their Founder, Matt Wilden While not large in employee numbers, the Rencai team are driven to deliver value for each client as we support them in taking a People-Centred approach to improving business performance.…

There’s method in the madness… The 4 steps you need to take to scale your business

by Roger Longden | Sep 04, 2018

Investment, People

Many businesses fail to think big… They don’t look at their company as a whole and envision its future. These are businesses which generally stagnate. If you run a business and you dream about growth, you might need to slacken your grip on the daily…

Don’t run before you can jump… Get your goals aligned first!

by Roger Longden | Aug 30, 2018

Goals, People, Productivity

Are all your employees working towards a common goal? If they are, that’s great. However, chances are they’re not. People can be naturally curious and easily distracted and, even within an organisation, are likely to have a wide range of different ideas, both about what…

The difference that Giants make – part 1

by Roger Longden | Jul 25, 2018


Why would you want to engage with There Be Giants? Aren’t we just another bunch of consultants with some fancy info-graphics who are going to take up your precious time and money? Well we’re different; yawn. I know everybody says that. So let’s prove it.…