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How Can Robust OKRs Help Launch Your Product Successfully?

by Carly Clyne | May 06, 2022


OKRs for a new product launch are imperative because when robust OKRs strategies are implemented, they help maximise the success of your product or service launch.  A growing number of organisations are adopting OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to set their company goals, including implementing…

How can OKRs improve business agility?

by Carly Clyne | Apr 20, 2022


It’s common for organisations to shift their strategies in response to change. A competitive advantage can be gained over time by those who effectively manage these cycles of transformation. Successfully implementing OKRs can improve business agility, which ensures that your organisation remains ahead of competitors…

How team OKRs improve team happiness

by Carly Clyne | Apr 07, 2022


Employee happiness measures your team’s sense of engagement and connection with their jobs. Increasing organisational performance and boosting employee engagement can drive tangible business outcomes. Happy employees are more committed to their organisation and perform better to achieve key results. Research has shown a strong…

Create effective professional development plans with OKRs

by Carly Clyne | Nov 17, 2021

Goals, OKRS, People

Professional development plans are essential for growth and successful career progression, but you’ll need to nail them from the start to get the results you want. We all have characteristics that make us good at what we do and influence the ways in which we…

5 key business metrics you should be monitoring

by Carly Clyne | Oct 01, 2021

OKRS, Performance Management, software, Strategy

Although the most successful businesses are fuelled by passion, heart and soul, it’s necessary at times to be driven by data. Business metrics are business performance measurement tools that give structure and direction to your business. Monitoring and interpreting them effectively holds the key to…

How OKRs and Goal-Setting Support DE&I

by Guest Blog | Aug 23, 2021

Culture, Goals, OKRS

It feels like the whole world is talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) — and for good reason. There’s no question that an equitable and inclusive community approach is mission-critical to building environments where people are happy, healthy, and thriving. And the world of…