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Working with OKRs Isn’t Always About Getting 100%, But it is Always About Ambition

by Roger Longden | Apr 27, 2017

My Objectives, OKRS, Process

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs for short) are changing how companies define and communicate success. Why not have a read through our free beginners guide to OKRs to get more information on how you can align and grow your company. One of the aspects of…

When it all comes together, is it luck, fate or great planning?

by Roger Longden | Apr 20, 2016

My Objectives, Performance Management, Strategy

I think it’s down to what you’ve created, even if it feels like luck.  You’ve made a series of decisions to take action, develop relationships and move down your chosen path.  Therefore, you get what you’ve created, one way or another! The past seven days…