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CBA with values? Clearly, you’re not bothered about high performance then

by Roger Longden | Jul 03, 2018

Leadership, Leadership-development, People, Performance Management

If you know anything about me or There be Giants, then (hopefully) you know us for being pretty straight-down-the-line, we don’t do flowery or fluffy. So, why am I taking the time to talk about values? They are the fluffiest of the fluffy right? Well,…

What makes high performing teams so productive?

by Roger Longden | Jun 25, 2018

Leadership, Leadership-development, People, Performance Management

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? What‘s the difference between an average team and one that consistently delivers over and above expectations?Obviously, to bring out the best in a business, you have to bring out the best in your people. All too often, however, there’s…

Don’t Let HR Get a Hold of Performance Management

by Roger Longden | Mar 23, 2017

Leadership, Leadership-development, Motivation, People, Performance Management

My adventures in performance management took me north of the border last week – the Scottish border, that is! The white paper I published last year – Priming for Performance – had caught the eye of Sport Scotland. So they invited me to deliver the…

Extensive Use of Coaching: Forming the Third Element of Your New Performance Management System

by Roger Longden | Aug 09, 2016

Leadership-development, Motivation

Although in this series of articles I’ve made references to the end of traditional performance management systems, and the overtaking of them with a better structure, I have to admit that some organisations still come close to successfully pulling off traditional performance management. But how?…

Authentic Leadership with Phil Jones

by Roger Longden | Dec 15, 2014

Academy, Leadership-development

Our Giants Academy theme this month was Authentic Leadership. We interviewed Phil Jones, MD of Brother UK and asked him - is it a good thing to really be yourself at work?