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Sleighing OKRs in 2020

by Roger Longden | Dec 18, 2020

OKRS, People

Well, 2020 has been different! But let’s not linger on that point, instead I’m here to talk sleighing it, killing it, smashing it or whatever phrase you want to use. Whilst I am certainly not trivialising the year we have had, I’d love to share…

Is disruption a dirty word?

by Roger Longden | Oct 29, 2020

engagement, Innovation

Disruption is the disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process. But what happens if we flip the rhetoric and give disruption a positive platform? Disruption is everywhere, and whilst we can roll with most punches, to really succeed, we need to talk…

Understanding your OKR maturity

by Roger Longden | Oct 05, 2020


How useful would it be for you to understand how your teams could be even better at setting/managing goals? Would a clear path to improvement be helpful too? If so, then you might want to check out our OKR/ Goal Management Maturity Model. The There…

2021 OKR Planning: Aligning your teams Around OKRs

by Roger Longden | Aug 20, 2020


Now is the the time to think about 2021 OKR planning. 2020 has definitely through up a year of unpredictability, but with unpredictability comes the opportunity for change. Now is the time to think forward to 2021 and position your organisation for success. Get ahead of…

Introducing Georgia Parker

by Roger Longden | Jun 29, 2020

Culture, Giant Watch, OKRS

We’re delighted to welcome Georgia Parker to team There Be Giants. Georgia joins us and will co-ordinate the TBG Culture Practice working with organisations to create a healthy culture. Working alongside the rest of the team Georgia will be helping to create cultures in which…

There Be Giants turns 10

by Roger Longden | Jun 18, 2020


Lockdown is a bizarre way to celebrate, but we could not let our 10th birthday pass without looking back over our highlights! Jenny sat down with founder Roger (at a distance, of course), who started the company off on his own a whole decade ago,…