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Big or Small: piloting OKRs vs full org implementation

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 08, 2021


You’ve decided OKRs are for your organisation. You know the benefits and you’re ready to get started, but which path should you take when it comes to implementing OKRs within your organisation? Whether you decide to run a pilot or go big bang, depends entirely…

5 OKR examples for sales-focused businesses

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 01, 2021

OKRS, Performance Management, Process, Strategy

OKRs are all about business growth, change and innovation but what does OKR actually mean? Put simply, it stands for objectives and key results. When we break it down, the objective part is the organisational goal or objective you want to achieve. The key results,…

The benefits of OKR training

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 26, 2021

Academy, Culture, OKRS

Enrolling in OKR training can help you to extract as much value as possible from your OKRs for many years to come. As the saying goes, nothing in life is worth having, or worth doing, unless you have to put in a whole load of…

Which goal-setting software is right for your business?

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 05, 2021

software, Values

Before we dive into the types of OKR software available, of which there are many, let’s look at the reasons for using goal-setting software.    The benefits of using goal-setting software Generally, the software you choose should make the process of implementing and tracking OKRs…

The benefits of setting measurable company objectives

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 04, 2021


There are multiple benefits of setting measurable company objectives, but one that stands out and something that we are all about at There Be Giants is alignment.    Objective alignment Objective alignment is one of the key factors behind any business success story, and this…

Introducing the OKR Professionals’ Community

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 01, 2021

OKR Professionals' Community

We are super excited to be able to introduce you to the OKR Professionals’ Community which is officially launching July 2021. What is the OKR Professionals’ Community? The OKR Professionals’ Community brings together those working with OKRs from around the globe to learn, collaborate and…