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Exploring the impact financial and non-financial objectives can have on your business

by Guest Blog | Apr 14, 2022

My Objectives

The core fundamentals of any business are to generate income and be profitable. While these financial objectives should always remain intact, you must also think about other aspects that contribute to your company’s success. Implementing robust growth management strategies is an area to pay particular…

How OKRs and Goal-Setting Support DE&I

by Guest Blog | Aug 23, 2021

Culture, Goals, OKRS

It feels like the whole world is talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) — and for good reason. There’s no question that an equitable and inclusive community approach is mission-critical to building environments where people are happy, healthy, and thriving. And the world of…

Choosing OKR software for a Salesforce-dependent business

by Guest Blog | Dec 15, 2020


Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the market and an extremely important tool for many companies, acting as their backbone in many cases.  Many organizations actively utilize Salesforce for their business operations and rely on it for more than just their sales funnels. If your…