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What does a culture change consultant do?

by Georgia Parker | Sep 28, 2021


Culture change consultants can be a great asset to your business – but what does the role entail? When you’re in business, you likely will hear the term ‘company culture’ bounced around within corporate circles. If you don’t know already, your company culture is what…

9 workplace culture quotes to inspire your team

by Georgia Parker | Sep 24, 2021


Workplace culture quotes can help to inspire you and your team to keep your company’s core values at the heart of everything you do. The benefits of a positive workplace culture knows no bounds, which is why many businesses spend a lot of time and…

How can organisational structure and culture affect business performance?

by Georgia Parker | Sep 14, 2021

Goals, Strategy

Even if you haven’t heard of organisational structure (also known as an  ‘organogram structure’ or simply ‘org structure’ for short), the chances are you have one. An organisational structure outlines the hierarchy within an organisation, describing the roles, responsibilities and chains of command that exist…

What is the cultural values assessment (CVA)?

by Georgia Parker | Aug 20, 2021

Culture, OKRS

The Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), is a methodology and culture assessment tool that was created by the Barrett Values Centre. CVAs are a powerful and incisive way of getting right to the heart of a company’s culture.  It involves an online culture assessment questionnaire, ideally…

10 questions to include in a workplace culture survey

by Georgia Parker | Jul 14, 2021

Culture, People

Workplace culture surveys can provide an invaluable insight into the way your employees see your workplace. They involve asking a series of questions to employees and managers about their day to day life working in the organisation. The results can help you to transform your…

How to fix a toxic workplace culture

by Georgia Parker | Jun 15, 2021

Culture, OKRS

Toxic workplace culture can be extremely detrimental to a number of factors within your organisation. Not just growth, but also: Staff retention Your internal brand  How your organisation is perceived externally This is a big and chunky topic and there are many answers to the…