There Be Giants to partner with MY-CEO.

by Roger Longden | Jan 27, 2021

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We are excited to announce that we’ll be partnering up with MY-CEO for the launch of the 12-week programme ‘Recover AND Reinvent’. Designed to support CEO’s of Small and Medium size companies to gain clarity and confidence in unpredictable and uncertain times, the program will include interactive learning, coaching, thought leadership and interaction with peers.

Our partners, MY-CEO is a global network of independent consultants composed of experts with over 200+ years of experience. The consultants include thought leaders, experts, PhD’s and award-winning authors with a wealth of knowledge in leading organisations through exceptional circumstances.

Companies will gain access to tools and resources, and to a Virtual C-Suite devised to support the execution of the strategies and solutions being implemented through the plan. “MY-CEO focuses on enabling organisations to build a bigger and better future by providing these capabilities in addition to the thought leadership and guidance necessary to empower them to become more agile, resilient and thrive.” says Boris Blum, Founder of MY-CEO.

This unique plan is built on MY-CEO’s proprietary framework called the ‘CPR Model’, standing for Cashflow, People and Risk. It focuses on the critical areas that CEO’s need to address in order to adapt and succeed. “MY CEO has developed proprietary systems and tools so organizations can diagnose and assess their level of agility and resilience in these challenging times.” Boris adds. 

TBG Founder Roger Longden said, “This program has been designed to support small and medium size businesses recovering from the destruction that Covid19 has brought to many industries. We want to help these organisations embed the principles of OKRs in the most impactful way to see teams flourish and grow, but only, and I must stress this, if OKRs are right for them”.

“This is not a program for the weak or meagre, this program takes work and will challenge any CEO and their leadership team. If you can’t succeed in our supportive environment, then the real world will eat you alive!” Boris adds. 

If you want to learn more about the Recover AND Reinvent programme visit