Jamaica’n Me Crazy for OKRs!

by Lawrence Walsh | Nov 04, 2019

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Last week, Roger and I were lucky enough to work with a client in Kingston. When Roger first informed me about them I thought he must be talking about the lovely, riverside town of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Whilst this all sounded great, I didn’t exactly give the riveting response Roger was expecting. Alas, my Kinsgston scepticism was short lived, for what Roger actually meant was that we’d be flying off to the rum pouring, rhythm flowing, chicken jerking capital of Jamaica! A much more exciting Kingston (no offence to any UK Kingstonians reading this).

The client we were working with are on of the largest insurance providers in the Caribbean and they were looking to insert a framework for strategy execution. Now I have to say, these guys get 10/10 for the pre-work they’d done before their arrival – I wish every client dedicated the amount of time and energy to readying themselves for this process. Having already spent 3 off-site days, the Senior Leadership Team had been ruthlessly working towards a strategy to propel them through their next growth stage. Using Bradley, Hirt & Smit’s book Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick (https://amzn.to/2JQ2Rtg) as their guide to glory, the client had already worked out what their Big Moves and their 1 in 10s were going to be and had already made sure they’d gone through the Peanut Butter process to ensure that not all of their strategic initiatives were doomed to fail.

The result of all this work the client had done before we arrived was that they knew exactly what they wanted to do to achieve awesomeness. The issue they faced was that they had no framework for executing these initiatives and no way of measuring the success of these initiatives.

This is where the Giants came in.

On Day 1, we worked with the client to create their Strategy Map and their Ontology. These two pieces of content provide a high level guide for the direction that the organisation is going to take over the next 3-5 years as well as a detailed view of exactly which of the functions of the organisation contribute to each of the Strategic Objectives. This allows the Exec to gain a vast amount of clarity as to what resources need to be dedicated and to whom in order to smash their long term goals. See the vid below for more info on how we do this

Day 2 = OKR Time Baby! (plus it was a Friday, so it may have ended with Rum Time… baby!)

The second day was all about digesting the intense workshop on Day 1 in order to produce super inspiring Annual OKRs at the business level and a set of quarterly OKRs for each of the Senior Leadership Team.

The workshops were an absolute riot of fun, the client had an incredibly passionate Senior Leadership Team with a no holds barred attitude. They were not afraid to suggest ideas and challenge others, all with an incredible amount of respect and dignity – exactly how we like it!

When you have this culture in your organisation you end up with an incredible bunch of people who are super motivated to work together to drive incredible results for your business!

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