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How to retain your top employees (and keep them happy!)

by Molly Johnston | Dec 01, 2022

Performance Management

Retaining employees has always been difficult. But, it’s become even more of a challenge since the pandemic started to ease. Staff members started to prioritise their time after an unexpected break from their traditional 9-5 and began to view work differently.  After entering a period…

Tactical vs Adaptive performance: How to find the sweet spot

by Molly Johnston | Dec 01, 2022

Performance Management

Defining the level of performance we need in today’s dynamic workforce is the first step toward motivating, managing, and rewarding it. Sounds easy, so why do so many get it wrong?  According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, there are two types of employee…

How can OKRs help your organisation navigate a recession?

by Carly Clyne | Oct 31, 2022

alignment, OKRS

Over recent years we’ve seen organisations battle through the most challenging scenarios; how did they do it?  In the midst of an economic downturn, quick fixes are difficult to find. When there are multiple factors outside of an organisation’s control, the solution is to bring…

How OKRs can be the answer to solving the disengaged workforce

by Carly Clyne | Sep 06, 2022


A report from Robert Walters, found that an alarming 60% of employees feel disengaged from their workplace. With many organisations operating a remote or hybrid working practice, the traditional tactics used to build a lively, inclusive, and social workplace culture are not enough. There are…

How can you successfully deliver change in your organisation?

by Tim Calderhead | Aug 30, 2022


There are a lot of tools and methods for planning and delivering change. If you’re delivering OKRs into your business, you’ll need a good change management plan.  Following on from our August video series, this blog post will apply the ‘4 Corners of Influence’ by…

The Cost of Not Having an Internal OKR Coach

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Jun 27, 2022


“We’ve tried implementing OKRs within our organisation for a few months, but sadly for one reason or another, we failed”. “It was too demanding to keep up with all of the meetings, we just didn’t have time, and as a result, we gave up”.  “But…