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What’s the link between company culture and performance?

by Georgia Parker | Mar 17, 2022

Performance Management

  At TBG we know just how powerful company culture can be and the crucial part it plays in improving company performance, not just company-wide but at an employee level. Although it is only just emerging into the mainstream of business development, getting ahead of…

How to manage culture change in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Mar 07, 2022

Culture, People

  Workplace culture change is a real buzzphrase at the moment as organisations around the world continue to wrestle with the challenges presented by the global pandemic. We now have two years of experience working from home, in sectors and occupations where this is possible,…

How to build a more inclusive culture in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Dec 03, 2021


Inclusive cultures promote productivity, improve employee engagement, increase employee retention and more. That’s why it’s no surprise that many businesses are dedicating a lot of time and effort to build a more inclusive culture in the workplace. But what are the steps involved? Our workplace…

7 top tips for culture change management

by Georgia Parker | Nov 28, 2021


Culture change management is the process of inciting and monitoring a culture shift within a business. When it comes to company culture changes, the aim should always be to create a healthy culture, whilst putting the tools in place to sustain it. A toxic workplace…

The benefits of creating a leadership culture and changing leadership culture

by Georgia Parker | Oct 14, 2021


The term leadership culture can be interpreted in two key ways. These are:  The culture of leadership in the business: By this, we mean how leaders behave and the impact that this has on the rest of the organisation, either in terms of helping create…

What does a culture change consultant do?

by Georgia Parker | Sep 28, 2021


Culture change consultants can be a great asset to your business – but what does the role entail? When you’re in business, you likely will hear the term ‘company culture’ bounced around within corporate circles. If you don’t know already, your company culture is what…