Develop OKR framework

Using our insight and expertise we’ll work with you to deliver a personalised OKR framework, which will help you drive maximum impact from your OKRs.

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Let’s make OKRs work for you

We help organisations to embed OKRs in the most impactful way. We’ll use our experience and expertise to interpret the practices and get you up to speed.

Growth doesn’t have to mean a loss of spirit and agility. However if a business doesn’t adapt as it grows then it is likely to lose it. Enter OKRs – which can help your organisation avoid this.

More and more ambitious businesses are looking to OKRs to help them define their priorities and enable their teams to align into them to drive growth.

We’re absolute OKR geeks at There Be Giants. It’s our mission to translate OKRs for those who are committed to using them.

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Ready to become an OKR expert?

Like every person, every organisation is different. Each has its own processes and ways of working.

For this reason all of our OKR implementation packages are bespoke to each organisation we work with.

Ready to get started? Speak to one of our OKR Giants.


Working with global brands

We’re proud of our portfolio, which includes clients from around the globe. We’ve worked with clients from unique industries to well known household brands.

We’re all about the results. We stand by the results we have achieved and to back this up we are more than happy to introduce future clients to one of our previous clients to find out more.

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