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Blended e-learning and video workshops make up The Coach course, which will help you help teams with OKRs.

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What’s included

If you want to help teams with OKRs then The Coach course is perfect for you.

The course will take you through the origins of OKRs, how you translate strategy into OKRs, OKR framework management and the coaching skills required for success.


The blended e-learning and video workshop Coach course has twelve core modules, with a final exam and optional practice-based assessment.


Course Length: 4 months + optional 6 month practice-based assessment.

Price: £2,750


Coach Start Dates:

15 February 2022



Core Course Modules


An introduction to OKRs

The origins of OKRs, some really common mistakes to try and avoid and useful tips to take on board.


OKR Skills Framework

The OKR Skills Framework breaks down OKRs and shows you what great practice looks like.


Forming Powerful Objectives

Learn how to engage and motivate your teams with powerful and compelling objective statements.


Creating Kick Ass Key Results

Key Results really are the power behind your objectives. We’ll give you everything you need to create kick ass key results.


Humans & Change

OKRs are likely to be a big change for your team. You’ll need to manage this change to engage your teams.


OKR Coach – The Role

The OKR Coach is a crucial role, find out why and how to make the role a success.


OKR Coach – Induction & Personal learning log

Introducing you to the OKR Coach role and your personal learning log.


Translating strategy into 12 month OKRs

The do’s and don’t of translating your strategy into key growth/ change objectives over a 12 month period.


Building 3 month OKRs


Drilling down on 3 month OKRs and the laser focus they provide.


Launching & transitioning within the OKR cycle

How to implement and move between your OKR cycles.


Introduction to psychological safety

OKRs are all about stretching. Stretching involves taking risks, does your team feel safe enough to take calculated risks?


OKR Coach people skills


The skills needed to smash the OKR Coach role, including feedback, questioning and listening skills.

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