Our Giants

We are OKR geeks! We love OKRs and are highly committed to embedding our own proprietary methodology that covers the skills, principles, habits and culture you need to smash OKRs.

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We want to help you to become awesome at OKRs

We are all about the tough love. We will:

  • We will challenge you to learn and embed OKR skills and practices.
  • While we’ve decoded OKRs for you and our methodology gives you a starting point, we don’t want to lead you all the way. We want to coach you so sometimes you’ll get to the answer by yourself.
  • We want your OKRs to thrive after we’ve left, that’s why we will help you to build up an internal resource of OKR knowledge and skills.
  • OKRs aren’t for everyone, so you might find that those people who aren’t right for your business won’t stick around.

We like to keep it real. We get the human side of business, but not at the expense of actually getting the business done.

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Values we live by:

  • Stand Tall

  • Be Real

  • Think Big

  • Strive to be Better

We’re proud to call these values our own, and we’re confident when we work with you, you’ll see them in action.

Say hello to our Giants

At There Be Giants we are all about our people. If they’re not right, your experience of us won’t be right and we won’t be able to sleep at night. For this reason we carefully hand-pick our Giants to make sure they share our values and have what’s needed to deliver the impact you expect and need.

Meet our core Giants.

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The Founder

Throughout my career I’ve always had a focus on performance and growth, and noticed the need for businesses to look at improving how they build their strategy plans.


For me OKRs are the answer to helping businesses focus on their key growth priorities. Enter There Be Giants, which today is a super committed team of OKR professionals who are all about helping businesses to grow.

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Head of OKR Projects

I’m a self-confessed OKR geek! If OKRs are part of it, I’m there.


I work at all levels of our process from client delivery to sales, partner relations and methodology development.


You’ll find me pulling the strings behind the scenes to ensure we continue to help businesses focus on what’s important to them.

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The Glue

I’m known as ‘The Glue’ or to give me my official title, I’m the TBG ‘Client Growth Manager’.


I’m all about organisation, keeping the team up to date with client updates and ensuring a slick service for both our team and our clients.


I love a good chat, preferably with a good coffee, so my role within the client on-boarding process is something that I love!

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Culture Guru

I’m all about creating healthy cultures, so our clients get the best from their OKRs.


I love seeing people drawing on their personal strengths and purpose to help maximise performance and effectiveness from both a personal and professional point of view.


I bring quite a few years of experience with me to team TBG, and I’m qualified in adult education, leadership and management coaching and mentoring, coach supervision, Transactional Analysis, NLP, meditation and behavioural safety leadership. Get in touch to chat healthy cultures.

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Brand Buddy

The exposure of the TBG brand is in my hands. I work on all things marketing, to help spread the word about OKR awesomeness.


I tell international success stories from the work we are doing with our clients. I also link up with our global OKR partners to chat OKRs and build long lasting relationships.


At team TBG we want to spread the word of OKRs, and we love thinking of new ways to reach businesses. If you’d like to chat OKRs or have an idea for a collaboration project I’m always open to linking up with others.

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Junior Consultant

I work to support client projects alongside Lawrence and Roger, so you’ll be seeing lots of me if you work with team TBG.


I also own the most precious thing we have – our methodology. I have the responsibility of ensuring the methodology is updated and reflects all OKR best practices and principles.

Meet our expert Giants:

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I’m all about harnessing human potential and inspiring people to be fantastic. If you can focus on this you’ll have a great strategy, which will help to influence real sustainable change.

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I look for disruption opportunities – where disruption can be used to make things better! I also help organisations bring their teams along with the change with flair, creativity and empathy!

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I love to see people grow and uncover their hidden skills. I get beneath the skin of organisations and help them to understand what truly drives their business – plugging any gaps that might be uncovered.

Meet our furry Giants…

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Chief Dog Officer

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Chief of Mischief

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Head of Play

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Chief Walking Officer


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