Our thoughts and opinions on Culture, Performance and OKRs

Can forced change be a good thing?

by Jenny Bowes | Dec 21, 2020


This year has brought a single focus to a single issue in a way that has not previously been experienced by humans on this scale. Every one of us currently alive on the planet is potentially impacted by Covid-19 in one way or another, and…

Choosing OKR software for a Salesforce-dependent business

by Guest | Dec 09, 2020

OKRS, software

Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the market and an extremely important tool for many companies, acting as their backbone in many cases.  Many organizations actively utilize Salesforce for their business operations and rely on it for more than just their sales funnels. If your…

Is adaptability being overlooked by agility?

by Jenny Bowes | Dec 01, 2020

alignment, OKRS

If you’re looking for a new buzz word this year, it’s probably either lockdown, unprecedented or agility. To be honest we’re fed up of hearing about the first two so we’re going to jump in and talk agility. Or are we? Today we’re diving into…

What’s the recipe for a great OKR?

by Roger Longden | Aug 14, 2020


So, you know what OKRs are and you’re ready to start your first set for your business. Fantastic news! But, how do you know if you’re writing good objectives and measuring worthwhile key results? How do you know if you have struck the right balance…

What are OKRs?

by Roger Longden | Aug 05, 2020


What are OKRs? A question we love to answer! Simple – Objectives and Key Results Now you know the meaning of OKRs, you’re probably interested to learn what they do. The practices and principles of the OKR methodology provides an agile approach to managing and…