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How to implement strategy execution software in your business

by Tom | Sep 21, 2021

software, Strategy

Strategy execution software could be the tool you need to take your business to new heights and hit your objectives. Effective strategy execution is important as it involves the implementation of a strategic plan in a bid to reach your organisational goals.   Business strategy execution…

Goal setting techniques that will streamline your OKR process

by Tom | Sep 14, 2021

OKRS, Strategy

OKRs are a type of goal setting technique that’s used to incite serious business growth. Here at TBG, we always advocate that OKRs should only be used for growth, change or innovation projects and not for business as usual activities. One common misconception is that…

5 factors needed for successful business strategy execution

by Tom | Jul 31, 2021

OKRS, Strategy

Imagine this, you’ve created the perfect business strategy for your organisation. You’ve spent time working through what you want to achieve and you’ve included your people in the planning process. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But have you thought about your business strategy execution plan too? …

5 OKR books you can read to improve your OKR process

by Jenny Bowes | Jun 25, 2021

OKRS, Process, Strategy

If you’re new to the OKR framework, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across a range of different OKR resources during your research. One of the great things about this goal-setting framework is that it’s tried and tested, and there is a wealth of information out…

A guide to long term vs short term business goals

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 21, 2021

alignment, Goals, OKRS, Process, Strategy

With long term and short term business goals, you get exactly what’s labelled on the tin. Most of us like to look towards the future, and aspire to bigger and better things but it’s important to make sure you keep an eye on what’s going…

What are organisational goals? And why do you need them for growth?

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 01, 2021

alignment, My Objectives, OKRS, Strategy

Organisational goals, simple right? Organisational goals are basically strategic objectives a business sets to outline expected outcomes, and to help teams to understand where their efforts should be concentrated. But where do OKRs and business growth come into this? We’re here to answer this very…