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Goal setting techniques that will streamline your OKR process

by Tom | Sep 14, 2021

OKRS, Strategy

OKRs are a type of goal setting technique that’s used to incite serious business growth. Here at TBG, we always advocate that OKRs should only be used for growth, change or innovation projects and not for business as usual activities. One common misconception is that…

What does the OKR review process involve?

by Tom | Aug 31, 2021


The OKR review process is arguably the most important part of the OKR cycle. To ensure that OKRs don’t just become goals that have been left on the shelf, regular check-ins are vital. OKR reviews don’t need to be complicated. They simply provide your team…

Goal setting exercises for new OKR users

by Tom | Aug 26, 2021

Goals, OKRS

Goal setting exercises can help your team get to grips with the OKR process and how it all works. Business goals are a vital element in the success of any business. Without effective goal setting, a business has no roadmap to follow or even an…

5 factors needed for successful business strategy execution

by Tom | Jul 31, 2021

OKRS, Strategy

Imagine this, you’ve created the perfect business strategy for your organisation. You’ve spent time working through what you want to achieve and you’ve included your people in the planning process. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But have you thought about your business strategy execution plan too? …

OKRs & key result areas: What are the differences?

by Tom | Jul 21, 2021


OKRs, KRAs… they are all the same, right? Wrong!  They may have similar snappy abbreviations, but they are far from the same. In this blog, we explore what each of these frameworks are for and how they can be used together to boost growth.  What…

How to improve your business goal setting skills

by Tom | Jul 01, 2021

Goals, OKRS

As a business owner or manager, you’ve always got plenty of things piling up on your to-do list. Personal and professional development is likely never far from your thoughts. But, have you ever thought about how improving your goal setting skills could help you to…