Our thoughts and opinions on Culture, Performance and OKRs

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A guide to long term vs short term business goals

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 21, 2021

alignment, Goals, OKRS, Process, Strategy

With long term and short term business goals, you get exactly what’s labelled on the tin. Most of us like to look towards the future, and aspire to bigger and better things but it’s important to make sure you keep an eye on what’s going…

How often should you carry out an OKR review?

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 08, 2021

Goals, OKRS, Performance Management

Carrying out regular OKR reviews is an essential part of the OKR process, and it’s the only way you’ll see real results. How do you know how to improve your business, if you don’t know where you currently are, compared to where you started? Fortunately,…

What are organisational goals? And why do you need them for growth?

by Jenny Bowes | Mar 01, 2021

alignment, My Objectives, OKRS, Strategy

Organisational goals, simple right? Organisational goals are basically strategic objectives a business sets to outline expected outcomes, and to help teams to understand where their efforts should be concentrated. But where do OKRs and business growth come into this? We’re here to answer this very…

OKR vs KPI: Which is the best option for your business?

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 25, 2021


OKRs and KPIs are popular goal-setting frameworks used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Both frameworks can be used to provide shared goals for your organisation and achieve growth, but which one is best? In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at OKRs…

Stretch goals vs team objectives: What’s the difference?

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 01, 2021

My Objectives, OKRS

Setting goals and objectives is an essential part of running a business. When everyone in the organisation has a shared goal in mind, it can help to improve strategic alignment and guide you on your path to growth. However, when it comes to setting objectives…

Can forced change be a good thing?

by Jenny Bowes | Dec 21, 2020


This year has brought a single focus to a single issue in a way that has not previously been experienced by humans on this scale. Every one of us currently alive on the planet is potentially impacted by Covid-19 in one way or another, and…