Our thoughts and opinions on Culture, Performance and OKRs

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How to use OKRs to define corporate objectives

by Georgia Parker | Jul 14, 2021


So, what are corporate objectives? Corporate objectives relate to the business as a whole and are usually set by the top management of the business. This could include departmental heads, the board of directors, CEOs, CFOs and more. So how can you use OKRs to define your corporate…

10 tell-tale signs your business needs workplace culture training

by Georgia Parker | Jun 17, 2021


The right workplace culture training can make the world of difference for your business. It can result in happier employees, increased productivity, business growth and more. But how do you know when your workplace culture needs an overhaul? We’re here to reveal all. In this…

What is Google’s workplace culture and why does it work?

by Georgia Parker | May 01, 2021

Academy, Culture, Leadership, mindset, People

Google’s workplace culture is renowned for its success and many businesses look to the company as a model for their own workplaces. But what’s so good about it and should you implement some of their company’s cultural habits in your business? We’ll help you answer…

A guide to creating a positive organisational culture

by Georgia Parker | Feb 19, 2021

Culture, engagement, Leadership, OKRS, People

A healthy, positive organisational culture is a goal for many businesses. Why? Let’s face it, we all want to work in an environment that’s supportive, encourages growth and innovation, with leadership that actively encourages positive behaviours. So, why do some organisations struggle to hit the…

How to change culture in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Feb 05, 2021


Inciting a culture change in the workplace is no mean feat, but sometimes it’s necessary. Organisational culture is something that affects everything from communication to inspiration and wellbeing. But before we dive into how to change your workplace culture, let’s look at the culture that…