Why you should be setting strategic marketing goals

by Tom | Oct 22, 2021

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Strategic marketing goals are more streamlined, laser-focused alternatives to regular marketing goals. They provide your marketing department with greater clarity and direction when it comes to achieving their objectives, as well as a whole host of additional benefits. 

In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the concept of strategic marketing planning and goals, so you can reap the rewards for your business.

Traditional marketing vs strategic marketing

Traditional marketing is an outbound strategy where an organisation conveys their brand message to its target audience, loud and clear. This is done via newsletters, flyers, TV ads, radio ads, networking, flyers, events and print ads (there are many more methods). 

Although these methods have thrived in the past – and still do for some organisations – they all have their own disadvantages, particularly with the meteoric rise of internet use and digital marketing. 

The technology we have available to us today enables us to get a better understanding of who our consumers are, where they are and how they interact with each other. We can really hone in and target our audience by the channels they use, the location they reside, even down to the device they use.

Strategic marketing is an approach that looks at marketing in the long term. In the world we live in, full of data, business planning is driven by modern and new trends. Organisations with strategic planning success look both outward and inward for the best ways to make their brand stand out. 

Strategic marketing planning ensures that all of your marketing efforts align with your overall plan, connecting the information you have with the audience you want to see or hear it. Strategic marketing plans offer greater support to your client base with a product/service range that varies depending on what your target audience desires. Rather than what you want them to have.

Marketing has become increasingly complex, with many different channels, software options, masses of data, and audiences with short attention spans. Because of this, your marketing needs to be strategic rather than reactionary. 

What is a strategic marketing goal?

Strategic marketing goals differ from general business goals like increasing revenue, expanding market share, improving brand recognition, boosting website traffic. These are all examples of outcomes you would like to achieve moving forward. Strategic marketing goals elaborate on business goals to present a clearer picture of their intended outcome. 

Strategic marketing goal examples

Here we’ve shared some examples of strategic marketing goals:

  • Double website traffic over the next 6 months by publishing 3 high-quality, targeted blog posts per month.
  • Increase Twitter followers by 1,000 this quarter by posting educational content, and industry news at least once per day.
  • Increase the number of MQL’s by 15% by the end of Q2 via a targeted email campaign.

Supercharge your strategic marketing plan with OKRs

With so many different components to marketing and differing outcomes behind campaigns and marketing strategies, marketing OKRs can help you reach your desired results. Whether your focus is on SEO, social media, content or you’re focused on products, marketing OKRs will help you make a focused plan for achieving your marketing goals.

In a high-performance OKR environment, transparency and alignment make people more diligent about communication. Making sure that marketing is aligned and has all the information needed to actually market is of utmost importance.

Here we’ve shared some marketing OKRs:

Objective: Increase social media engagement on Twitter 

Key results:

  • Increase the total number of followers by 15% 
  • Identify and engage with 50 thought leaders through direct messaging 
  • Increase posting frequency to four times per day


Objective: Boost organic website traffic 

Key results: 

  • Increase monthly unique visitors from 4,000 to 6,000
  • Improve page speed by 20% 
  • Decrease homepage bounce rate from 60% to 45%


How TBG can help

We’re well versed in helping organisations set goals, create effective strategic marketing plans and achieve their corporate objectives. Get in touch with a Giant today to learn more about how we can help you to implement OKRs successfully.