How to support team members to achieve business goals

by Tom | Sep 30, 2021

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As a team leader, manager or even business owner, you’ll need to know how to support team members to achieve goals, stretch and grow the organisation. Achieving business goals can only happen when everyone is on board and working towards the same outcomes with mutual enthusiasm. Understanding how to support staff and help them to feel appreciated and motivated is one of the most essential aspects when working towards the success of any business.

Having and setting goals is important – but without the manpower and employee support to achieve them, they can remain out of reach. That’s why we’ve put together this article, providing our top tips on how to support staff during the growth phase. 

Creating a supportive, positive safety culture

When employees feel safe, they perform better. It’s an often-overlooked area of employee enrichment, but companies that don’t pay attention to health and safety actually see lower levels of productivity and motivation. A positive safety culture encourages everyone in the company to take a healthy working environment seriously, fostering mutual respect between employees and management. Positive safety culture is built upon three key elements:

Shared values

Agreeing what’s important, what really matters. Emphasising employee contentment alongside productivity and profit.

Shared beliefs

Personal commitments are made not only for the sake of taking and following orders but because there is genuine care and personal investment.

Behavioural norms

Agreeing on the way things should be done and how tasks should be carried out. Implementing a positive safety culture successfully requires strong leadership and managerial commitment and involvement as well as responsibilities being taken seriously at every level.  

The benefits

Creating a positive safety culture can benefit your business in many ways, including:

  • Improving productivity
  • Improving employee retention 
  • Greater employee trust and confidence

When your employees feel safe, supported and nurtured in the workplace, they’ll feel more comfortable taking risks and this can push you closer toward your business goals.

Tools to help you create a positive safety culture

To take advantage of the benefits above, you’ll need to put the necessary tools in place to shift your culture in the right direction. If you want to understand how to support team members to achieve goals, utilising the tools below will help you to create a positive organisational culture where staff feel safe and listened to.

Management training

All good managers know that their journey is never over – there is always something new to learn, always new insights to benefit from. Management training can help to give your team the skills to make employees feel safe and supported and promote business growth.  

As things evolve and progress, your management style and technique also need to move with the company. Dedicated management training at intervals should be part of every manager’s schedule. Skills progression is important within any role – but it’s especially important for anyone in charge of a team, however large or small it may be.

Managing people requires a sensitive and multi-faceted approach which also needs to be moulded to the unique requirements of your company and your team. Having the ability to remain adaptive and adopt a versatile leadership style will stand you in good stead as your company grows and as a result, helps you to achieve key objectives.


The nature of the OKR process can help you to create an environment where your employees feel safe to take risks and help the business grow.

The process involves a lot of communication, collaboration and feedback, all of which can contribute to creating a positive safety culture. When combined with management training, you’ll have a great foundation to provide employees with the support they need to achieve organisational goals. 

How to support staff and encourage stretch

Knowing the benefits of elements like positive safety culture and strong leadership is one thing – but understanding how to support staff is where you put that appreciation into practice. A complete guide on how to support staff can’t be condensed into just one paragraph – but there are some basics to consider.

The first step is to put some general morale-boosting methods in place – assessing your company culture from the outside in and obtaining honest, anonymous feedback from employees to determine what it’s really like to work for your company. Any changes should make it easy for staff to vocalise concerns, ideas and feedback. Remove harsh penalties and instead incentivise, ensuring staff feel heard, understood and appreciated. Supported, appreciated staff perform better, are self-motivated and will go the extra mile to make things happen.

How can our Giants help?

So, you now know how to support team members to achieve goals, but what are the next steps? Our Giants can help you to put the theory into practice. We can provide in-depth culture training to give you the tools you need to motivate and support employees throughout the OKR implementation process. Our team can also help you change your workplace culture if needed, so you can improve your chances of OKR success.

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