10 tell-tale signs your business needs workplace culture training

by Georgia Parker | Jun 17, 2021

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The right workplace culture training can make the world of difference for your business. It can result in happier employees, increased productivity, business growth and more. But how do you know when your workplace culture needs an overhaul? We’re here to reveal all.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top tell-tale signs that your organisational culture requires some extra attention. We’ll also show you how to get started with corporate culture training to remedy this.

1. High staff turnover

If you’re constantly recruiting and replacing employees, this is a key sign that your business is suffering from a toxic or negative workplace culture.

Happy, fulfilled employees tend to stay within an organisation for longer. Therefore, a high staff turnover indicates that your employees aren’t getting what they need from your organisation.

2. High absenteeism

A high rate of absenteeism could be down to a number of factors. But, some of the most common causes include:

  • Stress-related illness
  • Workplace harassment
  • Home and family responsibilities
  • Job-hunting

As a result, if your team members are off sick on a frequent basis, it could mean that they’re overworked and stressed.

If this is the case, a corporate culture training programme could help to incorporate structure within your organisation so staff don’t feel overwhelmed.

3. Bad reviews

Online reviews will give you a clear idea of whether your work environment has a positive or negative impact on your employees.

In many cases, job reviews are left anonymously so past employees can reveal their true feelings about a role. As such, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your online reputation to see how your employees really feel.

4. Lack of communication

Clear communication between management, staff and other stakeholders is crucial for success.

Employees should feel safe to share their feelings or concerns about their work and management should communicate and provide support to their teams.

If you feel like there are communication silos within your organisation, this could be a sign that your workplace culture needs a significant shift.

5. Office gossip

There’s always going to be some level of gossip within a workplace, however, this becomes a problem if it affects the way your team works together.

Negative rumours and complaints can turn a positive workplace culture into a toxic one rather quickly. Therefore, it’s always best to analyse the sources and remedy this trend before it has a negative impact on your business.

6. There are no goals or targets

Organisational goals help to provide your employees with purpose and make them feel fulfilled in their roles. As a result, a business without clear targets is unlikely to succeed on a long-term basis.

If you’re unsure of which goal-setting framework to implement within your business, the OKR method is a great place to start. This provides clear business objectives and strategies for your team and can help you to create a more motivated, happier group of employees. Learn more here.

7. There are no company values to follow

Some of the most successful global brands have clear values and ethos’ for their employees to follow.

Whilst these values won’t dictate your employees every move, they can help to provide some direction and focus for your team. This can, in turn, help team members feel more fulfilled.

8. Your employees aren’t taking breaks

Rest and recuperation should be encouraged in all types of businesses. The consequence, if not, can result in high staff turnover and absenteeism, both of which come with high costs.

If your employees are consistently working over weekends, lunchtimes and holidays, this a red flag when it comes to workplace culture.

In organisations with a positive workplace culture, employees are encouraged to take time off when needed. This is better for both staff and the business because fewer team members are off sick and costs are lower.

9. Your employees aren’t being praised or rewarded

Positive feedback and reinforcement are essential for creating a healthy work environment. Team members want to know when their work is making an impact and should be rewarded appropriately.

If your team is consistently working without reward or praise it’s highly likely that they feel undervalued and they might be tempted to leave the business.

10. You rely heavily on workplace perks

It’s crucial to remember that cool office perks are not a substitute or sign of healthy workplace culture.

Whilst they can give your staff a boost, they won’t fix any underlying issues with your internal culture. So, if you find yourself throwing out free lunches and vouchers to keep your staff happy and motivated, you may need corporate culture training to fix the root causes of your teams’ dissatisfaction.

How can workplace culture training help?

The right work culture training programme can help turn a negative work environment into a positive one. Fortunately, the team at TBG can help you with just that!

OKRs need the right culture to thrive. So, we’ve created a programme dedicated to transforming your workplace culture so you can get the most out of your objectives and key results.

Take a look at our workplace culture training programmes today, or speak to a Giant to see how we can help you.