What does goal management training involve?

by Roger Longden | Apr 01, 2021

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There are multiple frameworks when it comes to goal management, but the framework we love is the OKR framework. OKRs put simply are objectives and key results and they provide a real laser focus on growth, change and innovation projects. 

If you’re new to OKRs, however, it can be difficult to get to grips with the objective setting and monitoring process. That’s where goal management training comes in. The right training can give you the tools you need to effectively implement OKRs and monitor progress towards your business goals. Learn more about this process below. 

The benefits of goal management training 

The OKR framework originated in silicon valley with tech giants adopting the framework, but nowadays more and more organisations are turning to OKRs to help them power their growth.

OKRs are a set of practices and principles that flex and mould to each organisation that uses them. The OKR Coach Academy has been designed to provide you with the OKR training you need to enable the successful application of the OKR methodology within your organisation. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Increased employee motivation
  • Fostering a positive work environment 
  • A more streamlined goal-setting process with visible results 
  • Encourages consistent business growth

The goal management process

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to goal management, it’s all about what works for your organisation. The OKR methodology encourages regular OKR reviews to assess your progress towards your business goals. 

This process can be made simpler with the help of the right OKR software. This allows you to visibly see how close or far away you are from hitting your business objectives. It can also encourage cross-departmental collaboration, so your entire organisation can work together to achieve your business goals.

Here at There Be Giants, we take a simple approach to goal management: test, learn, adapt. Adopting this mindset will mean that your business never stays stagnant and always stretches, grows and improves over time. 

Types of goal management training 

We offer several different OKR courses to give your team the skills they need to succeed with OKRs. We’ve broken these down below:

Start your OKR journey with Activator 

The OKR Coach Academy is split into three levels of learning, with the Activator course providing you with the first step on your goal management journey. The Activator course is a 100% e-learning course which is perfect for anyone who is looking to learn OKRs for themselves. The course includes six core modules: 

  • An introduction to OKRs – This is where you’ll learn the basics of the OKR goal-setting process, some really common mistakes to avoid and some handy tips to take on board. 
  • OKR Skills Framework – This is where we break down the framework and show you what great OKR practice looks like. 
  • Forming Powerful Objectives – Each organisation is different, this is we look at how to engage and motivate your teams with powerful objective statements. 
  • Creating Kick-Ass Key Results – This is where things get powerful, we’ll give you the tools to create kick-ass results for each objective. 
  • Humans & Change – Implementing OKRs, or any goal management framework for that matter, is likely to be a big change for your teams, you’ll need to manage this change and make sure your teams are engaged. 
  • The OKR Coach Role – The OKR Coach role is crucial to the success of OKRs, we’ll tell you why and how you can make the role a success. 

Take it to the next level with Coach 

The next step on your OKR journey takes you to The Coach course. This course is perfect if you want to help your team become great at OKRs. The blended format of e-learning and online workshops is made up of twelve core modules, in addition to the six modules from Activator you’ll also be introduced to:

  • OKR Coach & Personal Learning Log – This is where we introduce you to the role and get you used to your personal learning log. 
  • Translating a 12-month strategy into OKRs – You’ve got your strategy, here we teach you how to translate that into 12-month growth or change OKRs. 
  • Building 3-month OKRs – Here we drill down to the three-month level, and really focus on priorities. 
  • Launching & Translating Within The OKR Cycle – Learning how to transition between OKR cycles is really important, we’ll talk you through it. 
  • Introduction To Psychological Safety – OKRs are all about stretch, do your teams feel safe enough to stretch?
  • OKR Coach People Skills – We’ll teach you the skills needed to smash the OKR Coach role, including feedback, questioning and listening skills. 

Become a Master of OKRs

The third goal management course available within the OKR Coach Academy is The Master course. This course will teach you the skills needed to enable you to lead OKRs across your organisation. Similarly to the Coach course, Master is a blended learning course made up of fourteen core modules. In addition to the modules taught in Activator and Coach, Master also includes:

  • Facilitation Skills – this is where you’ll learn how to facilitate an OKR workshop. 
  • OKR Leadership Skills – OKRs definitely require leadership. This module looks at the leadership skills you’ll need for OKR success. 
  • Programme Management – finally you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of programme management. 

Enlist the help of the professionals

Diving headfirst into OKRs is no mean feat, so don’t worry if you’re not ready to go it alone. The right training can help build up your confidence with your OKRs, so you can use them to boost your business growth.

The OKR Coach Academy will set you up for OKR success, but if you’re not sure which course is right for you, speak to a Giant today and let’s chat through your OKR training requirements.