A guide to creating a positive organisational culture

by Georgia Parker | Feb 19, 2021

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A healthy, positive organisational culture is a goal for many businesses. Why? Let’s face it, we all want to work in an environment that’s supportive, encourages growth and innovation, with leadership that actively encourages positive behaviours. So, why do some organisations struggle to hit the mark? This could be down to a number of factors. However, what’s most important is finding a remedy for this so that you can reap the rewards of a healthy workplace culture for many years to come. 


How to improve culture in the workplace

No matter whether you’re looking for a small culture shift, or you want to remedy a toxic workplace culture, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some of our top tips for creating a positive organisational culture below. 

1. Emphasis on employee wellbeing 

A healthy workplace culture is all about your employees. If your employees aren’t feeling their best, it’s important to understand this and support their needs. Employees that are physically, mentially and emotionally at their best are much more likely to contribute to a healthy organisational culture. 

2. Provide meaning 

An increasing number of employees want more than just a 9-5, they want real meaning and to understand the purpose behind their role. These elements contribute hugely to job satisfaction and therefore the employee morale. Creating a positive organisational culture without purpose is virtually impossible, so communicate the mission and the impact each member of your team is contributing. 

3. Create collaborative business goals 

This one is pretty obvious for us at TBG. By creating collaborative business goals and communicating these goals you are involving your employees in the decisions that will help drive your organisation forward. 

Setting objectives will help to keep everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction and offer real purpose to employees in their role. 

4. Encourage positivity and positive behaviours 

Positivity and feedback should be an everyday occurrence in the workplace. You can do this by not only encouraging positive behaviours, but also providing constructive feedback and support for all members of the organisation. As leaders you should be role-modelling positive behaviours. Your employees are much more likely to engage in positive behaviour if they see their leaders acting this way. 

5. Foster social connections, especially as more and more teams work remotely

Social connections have probably never been more important, especially as we’ve all been working from our home office or kitchen table for nearly a year now. Your employees need to know each other in order to build a positive workplace culture. Individuals bond over knowing things about their colleagues, if there is no social interaction or team building activities, it is likely that your company culture will be affected. 

You should look to provide opportunities for social interaction, and whilst we know this is more difficult at the moment there are definitely still online ways of interacting. You could try out a weekly book club, or a monthly night out or night in (on zoom). No matter which option you choose, your employees are likely to feel closer and bond as a team as a result.

6. Listen and learn together 

One thing that employees hugely value, and it comes back to purpose, is being listened to. Encourage and foster an environment where employees are heard and their ideas are given a platform. By simply listening to your employees you are demonstrating that their voices and ideas are being heard. 

Positive workplace culture and a streamlined OKR process go hand-in-hand, and both elements are needed in order for a company to grow and thrive.

Creating a healthy workplace culture will help to motivate employees, and make staff more receptive to OKR implementation. This can help to increase your chances of achieving long-term business growth and success!


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