Which OKR management software is right for you?

by Lawrence Walsh | Feb 12, 2021

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OKR success requires careful organisation and planning to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals. Fortunately, implementing the right OKR software can help you to do just that.

OKR software comes in all shapes and sizes, it’s all about choosing an option that suits your business’ needs. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started.

What is OKR management software?

Firstly, what does OKR management software actually look like? Features will likely differ between software providers, but in general, OKR software is designed to help you organise and track progress towards your goals on one centralised platform.

Some of the features you can take advantage of includes:

  • OKR storage
  • OKR review reminders
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Track progress for your OKRs
  • Task management
  • Employee management
  • Performance management

This is similar to other goal management tools, however, the features specifically relate to the process of tracking and monitoring your OKRs.

We’ve found that using spreadsheets and individual documents simply don’t work for a lot of businesses. OKR management software, on the other hand, provides you with a dedicated platform for your team and their OKRs. This helps everyone to stay focused on their team goals, as well as the wider company objectives.

The benefits of using goal management software

No matter whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, there are a wealth of benefits to using OKR goal management software. We’ve listed some of the main advantages of OKR software below.

Fosters collaboration & communication between team members

OKR software provides you with one shared platform that all team members can access. This makes it easier for staff and management to collaborate, communicate and work together to achieve the company’s objectives.

Implementing the right software can help to provide clarity on your OKRs and encourage cross-departmental collaboration, so everyone in the business is on the same page.

Illustrates your progress towards your objectives

When your goals and ambitions are in a spreadsheet, it can be difficult to see how close or far away you are from achieving them. Fortunately, there are a wealth of sophisticated software options out there that will help you to visualise your progress through graphs and charts.

This way, you can clearly see your current position, and you can identify what needs to be done to stay on track.

Minimise wasted time and resources

With the right OKR software in place, your team will clearly be able to see the tasks they need to complete to achieve your objectives and key results. This means that less time and money is wasted on tasks that aren’t concerned with the company’s overall targets.

Improve strategic alignment

Using a dedicated goal management tool helps to ensure everyone in the business is on the same page when it comes to your OKRs. This, in turn, helps to improve strategic alignment and ensure your teams are fulfilling your overall company purpose.

Choosing the right OKR software for your business

There are a wealth of useful software options out there to choose from. The option you go for is likely to depend on several factors, including:

  • Budget
  • The size of your organisation or team
  • Your other organisational tools and software
  • The level of support you require

Many OKR software providers offer tiered pricing systems, so you can select the option that has the features you need. Free OKR software can work for smaller teams because they have fewer features and integrations. Whereas, the paid alternatives may be useful for large, international corporations that need all the bells and whistles.

When working with OKR experts like There Be Giants, we can help you to find the software that suits you and your teams’ needs. No matter whether you need a simple software to keep your OKRs in one place, or you require something more comprehensive to integrate with other tools, we can help you to find the right solution for your business.