4 times OKRs rocked our client’s world – Part 2

by Lawrence Walsh | Oct 17, 2019

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We promised you part 2 and here it is.

Aligning the growth strategy of Digital Bridge

Fast growth can be quite destabilising, and this is exactly what Digital Bridge found. Following a period of sustained growth Digital Bridge – a guided design platform provider – needed a focus and a framework to ensure goals could be attained and the company could set out and align their business strategy for further organised growth.

For Digital Bridge, communication of the structure to employees was important and an integral part of the journey to growth and ultimately their success.

We worked with Digital Bridge to facilitate an OKR workshop to help formulate a plan for the company’s goals, with quarterly objectives and fortnightly sprints implemented to ensure forward movement towards those goals.

The senior team have reported a much better feeling within the team, with an understanding of the alignment which is helping everyone pull in the same direction for the same common goal – growth.

James Lewis COO at Digital Bridge said, “We had tried to implement them ourselves but without the experience and knowledge needed to get it right, our efforts collapsed fairly quickly.”

Find out more about Digital Bridge and aligning growth using OKRs.

Games and goals with Bede

Working towards strategic priorities within a business helps to bring everyone together and ensure each person is pulling in the right direction. The Bede team were working within the confines of job descriptions rather than pulling towards the company’s strategic priorities. The company – a first choice gaming platform – also wanted a drive towards measuring their success with a more scientific approach. After assessing various management by objective disciplines, Bede opted for OKRs and very quickly found us at There Be Giants.

We worked with Bede to facilitate several workshops, helping Bede tease out and prioritise their strategic objectives. We then devised a programme of training to work on OKR skills within the team.

Alex Butcher, MD at Bede, worked with the There Be Giants team and said, “Working on the business is just as important as working in your business. You have to make time to grow the capabilities of your team or you risk stagnation.”

Read more about our journey with Bede.

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