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Activator Course

The 100% e-learning Activator course will help you boost your OKR knowledge.


The Activator

The Activator course will be valuable to anyone new to Objectives & Key Results.

Leading you through the origins of OKRs, the principles behind them and the major do’s and don’ts of them.

The 100% e-learning Activator course is made up of six core modules, finishing with an assessment to see if you make the grade.

Price: €215


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Course Modules


OKRs – An introduction

Your starter for 10 on OKRs, where they’ve come from, a couple of really key points, some common mistakes to avoid and proven tips to take on board.


OKR Skills Framework

There’s more to OKRs than meets the eye. Our Skills Framework breaks them down so you can clearly see what great OKR practice looks like.


Forming Powerful Objectives

How to form a compelling objective statement which will motivate and engage those who read it.


Creating Kick Ass Key Results

All you need for your KRs to be rocket fuel behind your objectives.


Humans & Change

OKRs represent a change, and that needs to be managed if they are going to


OKR Coach – The Role

Understanding the vital role they play in making OKRs a success.

be widely embraced.


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