Academy interview – Keeping your start-up agility as the business grows

by Roger Longden | May 27, 2016

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With Guy Levine – CEO of Return on Digital

Growth is great, right?

Not always.

There are numerous risks that come with it like maintaining quality while increasing volume, more people meaning a bigger management challenge and the challenge of not losing the innovation and agility you had in your early days – and these are just to name but a few.

Often, the reason for losing agility is that an increase size can bring an increase in complexity – it takes longer to access resources, make decisions etc.  Processes are developed to the point where they start to erode value, rather than build it.

Most of these challenges are often associated with corporates but, you only need to experience growth from 5 to 15/20 people to find yourself faced with these challenges.

It is possible to manage growth and remain agile though, and that’s what our guest at May’s Giants Academy – Guy Levine from Return on Digital – talked to us about.

About Guy

Guy has tackled this challenge head on.  As the CEO of Return on Digital, he’s grown the business from a 2-person start up, to an award-winning agency with nearly 50 people who service brands ranging from Lambretta and Attitude through to London Luton Airpot and Wonderbra.

Guy has some pretty clear views on how he’s managed to keep Return on Digital light on its feet as the business has matured to a level where it regularly works with corporate-level clients.