“Defying the Brexit Doom ~ Giants get even bigger”

by Roger Longden | Jul 01, 2016

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TBG e-Bulletin of News

Welcome to the first edition of the There Be Giants e-bulletin of news.   So first up, it’s been a busy period with several key developments here at There Be Giants.

EU Referendum

Well the country has spoken and while we thought it would be close, we expected a different result. However, while we wait for the dust to settle and the country and our leaders figure out the way forward, there is still much to be done.

Perhaps now more than ever, investing in agility, planning and increased performance will pay dividends. We’ve all been operating in an uncertain world since 2008 and business that have adopted this approach have thrived. We see no reason to change that successful formula now. It’s time to be bold. If you want to talk to us about our innovative approach to business planning and performance management then do get in touch.

Giants Grow!

business_10035912-032114I’m delighted to announce that one has become two, with Anthony Taylor joining as a Resident Giant. Anthony joins me following a 20-year career in PR and marketing (both nationally and internationally), as well as being a small business owner turning around a publishing company. Anthony has experienced first-hand the difference that having an aligned and motivated team can have in driving business growth.

Anthony brings this experience to There Be Giants with formal training as a Coach, Facilitator and Trainer helping ambitious teams and people achieve more than they thought themselves capable of. You can read his full bio here.


I’m proud to say that we are the first UK partner of a very powerful tool called MyObjectives. We believe that technology has a role to play in connecting your business plan to everyday activity. This is why we build our solutions for clients on MyObjectives.com.

We like to describe it as the ‘fitbit’ for your business – a combination of management best practice, neuroscience and gaming psychology. When coupled with our innovative approach to planning it helps you build a performance-focussed culture around:

  • individual and team engagement
  • clear accountability
  • real-time feedback
  • transparency and communication

We believe it’s a perfect fit for ambitious businesses with an innovative spirit who want to take a fresh approach to management. Coupled with our twelve-month support package it will help you leverage your best assets – your people – to achieve sustained performance. Several clients are already seeing the benefits of this tool. If you want to know more then get in touch.

We are also planning an introduction to MyObjectives to a limited audience of no more than 50 people in late summer at RISE on Deansgate. We are busy putting an interesting list of guest speakers for the event. Keep an eye out for more information coming shortly.

Giants Academy

May saw iHub host the latest Giants Academy with Guy Levine, CEO of Return on Digital. Guy shared with us the benefits of his experience in building several successful businesses and as you might expect with Guy, it was filled with a combination of absolute gems of wisdom and good humour.

About 25 people joined us for the event, which saw a good combination of regulars and new faces. The next academy will be on Wednesday 13 July at RISE on Deansgate, with Mark Stringer – MD of multi-award winning brand + web agency AHOY. We’ll be talking to Mark about the productivity v creativity equation and if one comes at the expense of the other. You can book for this here  business_10035423-032114

That’s all for this first issue, we hope you’ve found it useful. If you know of anyone who might benefit from joining the Giants community then please feel free to recommend them to us.

Roger Longden ~ Founder

There Be Giants