The success of traditional performance management and annual appraisals is evidently waning. New workforces are looking for different motivation, and businesses need to grow with more agility in a constantly shifting business landscape.

To better demonstrate the changes coming to performance management, we carried out our own research. We spoke to more than 200 business owners and senior leaders in a survey spanning two years. We asked for their experiences and opinions about performance management – and the results were fascinating.


of Senior Managers thought their managers needed to improve the quality of their perfromance conversations

of Senior Managers/Business Owners reported using traditional annual appraisal-based approaches to PM, even though we know them to be obsolete

of Senior Managers believed PM was not viewed positively in their organisation

of Senior Managers believed their approach to managing individual performance DIDN’T help them achieve their business objectives

Whilst this makes for a sobering read, the good news is that 92% of respondents stated that they have the ambition to move towards a more productive and sustainable approach to performance management. In the spirit of this information – and to put our research to good use for business owners – There Be Giants created Priming for Performance, a whitepaper outlining how to get great results from performance management using a nine-point framework for best practice.

Our research and the resultant whitepaper have led to There Be Giants receiving invitations to deliver keynote speeches at a number of organizations, conferences and educational institutions across the country – including the NeuroBusiness2015 conference. In addition – and as a direct result – our founder, Roger Longden, now regularly guest lectures at MMU’s Business School.

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