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The “Human” Aspect of OKRs

Last week, I found myself working with HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency), another new client who is looking at the benefits of - and ways to achieve - transformed performance management using OKRs. This wasn’t an easy sell though: there were over 30 in the...

OKRs: Rolling Up

I often remember from my days of leading divisions in large business, being asked: “What difference do I really make?” At first, it was asked with a sense of despair and disillusionment. The business hadn't been great at showing those who were working hard to deliver...

Why OKRs Are So Good for the Brain

I’ve not been shy about my disdain for the annual appraisal. In fact, it’s now my mission to rid the world of it. Judging by the frequent roll of the eyes, sigh or grimace when they come up in conversation, I’m not alone. In this blog, I want to discuss why OKRs are...

What Makes a Great OKR?

So there you are, working on your first set of Objective & Key Results (OKRs) for the business. Great! But how do you know you are pitching them at the right level? How do you know you’re striking the balance between challenge, growth and achievement? Can you,...

Getting Candid with David Beharall

In the latest of the interviews for our Technology, Media and Telecoms initiative for the Institute of Directors, Roger Longden interviews David Beharall, ex-professional footballer and Managing Director of CandidSky about what it’s like to do business in the North West