There Be Giants was created in 2010 in response to the growing dissatisfaction with performance management and the dreaded annual appraisal.

Our Giants – all of whom are experienced coaches – are on a mission to introduce organisations to an agile alternative, which not only encourages employee development, but enables the business to minimise resistance to growth plans. In that time, we’ve become best known for taking the core principles of agile project management and working directly alongside our clients to apply them to the way they build and action their growth strategy.

What’s more, we’ve become unique in our approach by ensuring that what has been discussed with managers is implemented across the organisation, for a top-to-bottom transformation. In essence, we’re in it for the long-haul.

The results have been incredible. Clients have been able to celebrate better focus, more wholly realised strategies, and fewer problems with friction when attempting to grow. Meanwhile, their people can align their own successes with the business’ goals, and receive more regular feedback and recognition for playing their part.

The system behind all this success draws inspiration from the very different worlds of Silicon Valley and elite athlete training, and revolves around OKRs – Objectives and Key Results. Our Giants coach clients through the creation of an agile growth strategy and then help them to action said strategy using a blend of software, culture and management.to minimise resistance to growth plans.

The system follows a simple structure


Our method has been tried, tested, and nurtured within the tech sector, and is inspired by the agile way of working often found in those businesses. We combine these agile principles with innovative software and the expertise of our Giants to deliver an easy to follow, in-depth service which reaches all levels of the business – with support available every step of the way. That means we’re with our clients for the long-term, ensuring that real actionable changes come from our work together.


There Be Giants has had the opportunity to work with a whole host of wonderful businesses – many of whom don’t yet have a massive team, but have recognised the need to prime their people and create a clear plan for growth. Their foresight and experience with There Be Giants has helped them to ensure friction within the organisation is kept to a minimum, so growth can continue as planned.